Current Projects

Community Development Training - India

In January 2015 we are sending 4 bible school graduates from Myanmar (Burma) to a month-long community development school in India.

The 4 students are passionate about serving their communities and bringing the hope of Jesus to those living in spiritual and physical poverty. These young people are mature, motivated and ready to serve. They just need our support.

With your support we will raise the $1,500 needed to pay for their training, travel expenses and some pocket money.

Normally, the training school (Bala Vikasa) charges $640 per student, but we have been blessed with a scholarship discount!

Through its People Development Training Center, Bala Vikasa hosts four international training programs annually in Community Driven Development (CDD). Drawn from their experiences and best practices in the field for over the 37 years, the CDD program is gaining international recognition as an excellent foundation in sustainable community development.

The CDD program aims to create development leaders by improving knowledge, enhancing skills and changing the attitudes of development professionals and students. Through a combination of classroom modules and field visits to various Bala Vikasa projects, participants are exposed to learning anchored in ground realities.

We are excited that we can send these young people for top-quality community development training, and we are now asking for your support to make this possible.

Please give generously to this project -- A suggested donation of $50 will make a huge difference!

Please watch the following video about the world-renowned training school:

Please give generously to this project -- Thank you!