About CoAid

How We Help In Disaster Relief

No one can easily predict when the next disaster will strike. By definition, disasters usually occur because people weren't prepared for them. One thing we can predict and prepare for however is the readiness required to tackle the effects of a disaster when it strikes.

How We Help In Development

The best way to minimize the effects of a natural disaster is to increase the resilience of the community at risk. Communities are best able to withstand a disaster if they posses the resources to recover quickly and get back on their feet again.

Our Approach

We have developed a simple philosophy in our approach to training, built around the acronym "T.E.A.M.S."

T - We are volunteers who work together in teams
E - We educate ourselves and others
A - We aid and assist those in need
M - Our mission is to share the love of Christ
S - We operate in a structured and coordinated manner

How We Use Your Donations

Our aim is to make the best and most efficient use of all financial contributions we receive. We work hard to ensure that the bulk of the funds are allocated to benefit the people for which they are intended. We allocate at least 10% of all donated general funds to a disaster response account which is used to quickly meet urgent needs in a disaster.